Monday, 2 March 2009

090302 Reader, Crabtree Fields

Only had a brief moment to sketch today, so popped over to Crabtree Fields, Colville Place, a precious slice of green in the erstwhile grey environment of Tottenham Court Road. The book reader in question actually disappeared two-thirds of the way through the sketch, so I improvised thereafter. The fleeting low winter sun made the odd appearance and produced some nice diagonal shadows via the trees across the pavement. But disappeared again, so I found myself waiting for the clouds to move on and reveal it again, just to make sure I was getting the shadows in the right place. Materials: Black and white Daler Rowney 'Sketching Pencils" on manilla envelope paper. Duration: 20mins.


Isabel said...

nice blog and great to see how Usk is getting us all drawing all the time nice sketches all of them

Peter Gander said...

Thanks Isabel, And yes, Usk was a great motivator for me and my free lunchtimes! It's good to have a little 'pressure' to be more frequent with the sketching trips.