Thursday, 24 September 2009

Train sleeper, aka ‘baboon face’ 090923a

Sketched this fellow on yesterday’s morning train. The light from the east was producing a nice side highlight. I must have elongated his head, but he definitley resembles a baboon with his tight mouth too adding to the effect, so I have rather unkindly since changed him from 'Train sleeper' to baboon face. Black Biro and white Conté pencil.


Marie Fox said...

Love this drawing of a fellow train traveler. Very expressive. I do prefer your first title because as a viewer I can see your drawing as a fine interpretation of an unusual face. "Baboon face" does change it into a cartoon. Just my thoughts. And I do thank you for your comment on my girl reading at the beach. I appreciate it all the more coming from you, an artist/art director!

alan.98 said...

Do you think this man had ancestors on Easter Island?

Peter Gander said...

Thanks Marie and Alan for your comments. My subject certainly had a 'sculptural' quality about him. Funnily enough I had sketched the Easter Island statue in a previous post and did see the resemblance!